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SNO in short

Södertälje-Nykvarn orientering – or SNO – is one of the bigger orienteering clubs in Sweden. It has its seat slightly outside of Södertälje, an industrial town of 100000 inhabitants about 35 km south-west of Stockholm. The area offers a great variation of terrain and a large number of maps.

SNO has had great success in the big relays, e.g. Tiomila and 25-manna, but also a bunch of successful runners in the Swedish championships as well as European championships and World championships. This is due to a big elite group and excellent training opportunities.

Contact person for elite runners: Håkan Kleijn, or +46702779812

SNO has a strong elite group. But it also has a big group of youngsters eager to learn orienteering and a big group of adults of all ages and orienteering competences.